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Cover and record design for Anything You Need

Anything You Need

Producer Sean Blake HTF created a song in which he sampled the acapella track from Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman”.

In using this sample a focal point, he borrowed elements from pre-existing art, and built an entirely new piece around it.

For the cover, I wanted to mirror the idea of sampling by also using a pre-existing element as the focal point. I started out with an old black-and-white photo of Whitney, and stripped away most of its photographic detail, leaving only an iconic silhouette.

Modified photo of Whitney Houston

I chose to partner the image with soulful, expressive type, to capture the richness and warmth of her voice.

Typography for Anything You Need

In the end, the new piece is an evolution from (and ode to) Whitney, and her original performance.

Cover design for Anything You Need single by Sean Blake HTF