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Overhead view of street intersection with quote overlay from Tony Robbins: “The past does not equal the future”


Launch is an outpatient centre that supports young adults in recovery from addiction. They provide a range of services including therapy, academic assistance, career counselling, and family support.

After getting sober, many teens and adults in their early 20's find themselves paralyzed by the fear of handling responsibilities: finishing school, getting a job, and paying the bills. They lack the know-how to move forward in their lives, and without the right resources, they can easily get trapped in a vicious cycle of relapse and failure.

Sobriety is about more than the absence of drugs and alcohol. It’s about learning to live life without them. Launch’s goal is to help people find a purpose, and leave their program armed with the tools and confidence to succeed.

Their previous logo used a rocket to symbolize the client’s journey upward.


Previous logo design for Launch, a rocket flying over the wordmark

The client felt that their logo wasn't working in their favour. (“The rocket looks like it’s crashing. That does not bode well.”) It's also been referred to as childish.

For their rebrand, I wanted to create a logo that would resonate with a 20-something audience, that wouldn’t make them roll their eyes. Something they’d be down to wear on a hoodie or cap. But that could also appeal to their parents.

I pulled visual inspiration from the city of Los Angeles, where Launch is based—its bustling streets and intersections, its diverging directions.

Animation showing process sketches for the new logo design

Sketches and drafts from process work

I also wanted to pay homage to their previous logo, the rocket.

For a successful launch, every rocket needs a reliable, well-engineered, well-structured launch pad.

A NASA rocket on its launch pad

Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Launch is the place where young adults are given the opportunity to find a purpose. It’s where they gain the structure, tools, education, and support they need to lead their lives with meaning.

It’s the launch pad that empowers them to successfully take off.


New logo design: a stylized, minimal launch pad over the wordmark

Working on this rebrand with Launch was a really uplifting experience. Their team is so hard-working, and they’re dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better.

Stationery and brand collateral showcasing the new Launch logo design

As a designer, it’s hard to measure the impact of my work out in the real world. This project meant a lot to me, because it was an opportunity to use my skills to support an organization that's making a real difference. I hope the new logo reaches more folks, so that they can receive the support they need to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Man wearing a sweater with the new Launch logo